Since the opening of the Barrie Memorial Hospital in October 29, 1939 there’s always been volunteers in the community to help the well-being of patients of the hospital since its opening in 1939; either by sewing for them or being present with patients, etc. Then in 1951, the Women’s Auxiliary of the Barrie Memorial Hospital foundation was created, thus realizing the support and involvement of the community towards the hospital.

Mlle Laura Walsh

The first " President " or responsible was Miss Laura Walsh. To raise funds, the first activity was the " TAG Day " at the Ormstown Fair dating back to 1939, an event that was cancelled during the war and resumed in 1945. It has only been a few years since this activity ceased. It is now the draw of our beautiful handcrafted quilts created by the community volunteers who helps raise funds for our cause with the sale of tickets at the fair.

The Women’s Auxiliary have since increased fundraising to help patients of the Barrie Memorial Hospital:

Membership cards are sold each year with the help of volunteers who go door to door. In the first campaign there were already 494 members, who bought a card at a cost of $ 1, while today we have 2,648 members. In the 21st century, cards sell for $ 3.00.

The annual bazaar started in 1952 and still exists today. This activity took place at several locations, including McDougall Hall, Ormstown Elementary School and today at Chateauguay Valley Regional High School. This bazaar always takes place on the 1st Saturday in November. Many crafts made by our volunteers are on sale today.

In 1958 we opened a gift shop, always with the help of volunteers. Unfortunately, it has been closed for a few years.

Another recent activity is the BBQ on July 1 at the Ormstown Recreation Center. A great opportunity to meet our members and volunteers.

t would be very difficult to make a list of all the items purchased by the Women’s Auxiliary. One of the most well-known and appreciated actions is the payment of the fees associated with the use of televisions and cable service for each patient. In recent years, we have also had commitments of over $ 200,000 per year to purchase all kinds of equipment requested either by staff, doctors or management.

We are quite a different organization from other hospitals, but we continue to care about our patients and be deeply involved in the community that is served by Barrie Memorial Hospital.

You too can help make a difference